Olimp Varasteanu

Recent am intrat in posesia unei imagini care il prezinta pe Olimp in atelierul sau pe vremea cand descoperise noua tehnica de animatie in cartoane decupate si careia i-a dedicat prima parte a activitatii sale artistice.

Olimp Varasteanu atelierOlimp Varasteanu a fost absolvent al intitutului de arte plastice Bucuresti a regizat numeroase filme in cadrul studiolui cinematografic Animafilm.

Dumbrava minunata (1986), Anotimpul fericit (1983), Patratel si mingea (1979), Bolovanul (1978), Zmeul (1978), Balanel si pepenii (1977), Pic si Poc – Corbul si vulpea (1975), Pic si Poc eroi fara voie (1974) De la lume adunate (1972) Microfabule (1972), Insule (1970), etc.


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  1. Hi, I am very glad to find by the way some news of my formerly friends. I’m save and sound and hope to hear from somebody of you!
    Manfred Schreyer (DEFA Trickfilm Dresden, but now retired and married in Prague!(

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